The capital of the Philippines, Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in South East Asia. Generally the arrival point for anyone coming to the Philippines, there is a wide range of accommodation in Manila, with many hotels near Manila airport, in Pasay and in Manila Bay.

The commercial center of the city is Makati, where a wide array of restaurants and bars cater to practically any taste, and offer everything from Chinese food to American-style cheeseburgers. While Manila can be hectic, there are parks spread throughout the city – Rizal Park perhaps the most famous with its winding paths and Chinese and Japanese gardens. It also boasts a planetarium, extensive orchid area, and a large stage where musical and theatrical events are commonly staged.

Another popular attraction in Manila is the 18th-century Fort Santiago in Intramuros, which was once a prison but has been transformed into a park. Intramuros is one place visitors can get a feel for Manila's history, being filled restored colonial era buildings.

Commonly considered one of the better amusement parks in Manila, Enchanted Kingdom is perhaps the most popular destination for travelers under 18. Separated into themed areas, the park features a great many rides, including one of the tallest rollercoasters in the world.
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At the center of the Visayas archipelago, Cebu is the Philippines' most populous island. Aside from a well-developed eastern coastline, the island boasts a mountainous interior that beckons adventure travelers with hiking, wildlife-spotting and caving. Nicknamed the 'Queen City of the South', this is an essential stop for tourists.

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines and boasts a tantalizing mix of historical and cosmopolitan character. Since Magellan planted a cross here in the early 16th century, Cebu has grown from a small fishing village into the epicenter of Christianity in the Philippines. Today's travelers receive excellent service and amenities in Cebu hotels, but they also enjoy access to one of the archipelago's most authentic cultural experiences.

On the east coast, Cebu City is the regional capital with most of the facilities and hotels in Cebu. The country's busiest port has made this one of the fastest-growing cities in the Philippines, but it also offers a range of excellent tourist attractions including Spanish colonial churches, forts and museums.

Across a narrow strait from Cebu City, Mactan Island boasts the best upscale accommodation in Cebu. Diving tours can be booked off the east coast of Mactan Island, where a rocky outcrop fosters a vibrant coral reef. Bird-watching is also popular on Mactan Island. Another option is to take a ferry to Malapascua Island off the north coast of Cebu. To the south of the island, quiet Cordova has several Cebu beach resorts that specialize in diving holidays.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport is the usual gateway into Cebu. Some international visitors arrive through Cebu rather than Manila. Others fly into Manila, travel south through the archipelago and then leave the country via Cebu Airport to avoid backtracking.
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Whether it's your first visit or your fiftieth, Bohol is a great destination for a vacation. Bohol is a little island paradise in the southern Philippines. The most notable among the tourist attractions in Bohol is Chocolate Hills. However, there are more reasons why one should visit Bohol. The many activities and places to see is enough to make visitors see the place as a sanctuary for a lot of nature's beauty. We have the best resorts according to area of Bohol for your selection.
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Boracay made its first foray into tourism in the 1970s, but many global hotel giants didn't take notice until recently. The result is a spread of privately-owned hotels and resorts in Boracay that convey the right mix of five-star service and authentic island atmosphere. This tiny island is only four miles long and barely half a mile wide, but its beaches have landed on 'world's best' lists more than once in the last few years.

White Beach is the most popular tourist destination, with enough services and facilities to keep tourists onsite for their entire holiday. The local Boracay hotels are within walking distance of Boat Station 2 and Boat Station 1, where pump boats from Caticlan arrive four times an hour during peak periods. Caticlan Airport is an important hub for tourists from Manila. From here, it's only a few minutes' walk or tricycle ride to the pier.

Despite the busy resort atmosphere at White Beach, it only takes a few minutes to reach secluded coves and beaches by chartered boat. Nearby Diniwid, Baling-Hai Beach is a great place to take a snorkel and mask, and the adjacent cliffs boast seafood restaurants with spectacular views. Across the narrow isthmus from White Beach is Bulabog Beach, a rugged alternative with fewer tourists and excellent windsurfing conditions.

Boracay may be a small island, but it has mastered the art of grand-scale tourism. Whether joining intense water sports at White Beach, scuba diving at Angol Point or renting a scooter and exploring the east coast, Boracay has enough activities per square mile to keep tourists engaged for days, if not weeks.
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When tourists imagine a holiday in the Philippines, they're likely to envision the kind of vacation that involves white-sand beaches, jungle treks and first-rate scuba dives against an idyllic resort background. While these elements exist in isolation across the archipelago, it's rare that they come together on one island to such great effect. In many ways, the resorts in Palawan have everything tourists dream of.

Palawan is a large island with several distinct towns. Puerto Princesa is the capital, and while some Palawan accommodation is found here, Puerto Princesa is most useful as a commerce and transportation hub. It's a lovely town and would probably attract more tourists if not for the promise of secluded beaches and islands on the horizon.

El Nido is another important hub with several hotels. It's used as a launching point for the Bacuit Archipelago, a chain of 40 islands known for their stunning landscape of limestone cliffs. A few days in Bacuit means one after another beautiful vista and more than a few guaranteed secluded beaches.

Wreck diving is a major pastime in Palawan, and there's no better place to begin than Coron. The beaches here aren't the main drawcard, but the sunken Spanish galleons have created one of the most dive-able underwater landscapes in the world.

Visitors typically fly in via Puerta Princesa Airport and then connect to their local destination from there. The choice of where to stay depends largely on what types of activities are on the agenda, but a good all-around choice is laidback Port Barton. Some of the most relaxed hotels in Palawan are found here, and they enjoy access to beaches and a range of activities.
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